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Wanton vandalism at Strathroy link road site condemned

Published: 2 April, 2019

Sinn Féin Omagh Town councillor Marty McColgan has condemned damage caused to work vehicles and equipment working on the Strathroy link road on the outskirts of Omagh. Damage including broken windows to vehicles and burning of on-site materials was discovered last week when workmen returned to the site.

Commenting on the incident Marty McColgan urged those responsible to desist from their actions:

"I want to condemn these incidents in the strongest possible terms. Having spoken to those carrying out the construction work it appears that that young people with flash lights were seen in the vicinity just prior to this vandalism being carried out. I would first call on those responsible to desist from their actions. Secondly, I would call upon parents to ensuring their children are not involved in such action. There is a concern from a safety point of view that young people have gained access to a working site which can be extremely hazardous. Young people need to know of the dangers of such sites. I have also spoken to the PSNI who are liaising with the contractors in order to ensure there is no repetition of this incident.

"This anti community behaviour distracts those involved in building this important roadway from completing the road in a timely manner and having to deal with replacing equipment and repairing vehicles.

"This project is of huge strategic importance to the future development of Omagh and we have fought very hard for many years to bring this to fruition. We will not allow a small number of people to scupper this project now at this advanced stage.CRÍOCH