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Kelly criticises 'litter louts'

Published: 25 March, 2019

Mid Tyrone Sinn Féin candidate Pádraigín Kelly has urged people to stop throwing litter and show some respect for their community.

Ms Kelly said "I have noticed a sharp increase in the amount of litter dropped or thrown from passing cars on our roads. This is a very selfish act and blights our beautiful countryside.

"Whilst this is a widespread issue, I have particularly noticed a proliferation of rubbish at junctions where people turn off a main road such as the Omagh to Cookstown Road on to a local road such as the Loughmacrory Road and discard litter such as unfinished carry outs, wrappings and bottles.

"Not only is it unsightly, it is also dangerous for pedestrians who are forced to walk through this mess. I have written to Council to highlight the issue, but in the first instance it is the responsibility of the litter louts to stop what they are doing. We all live in a shared environment and everyone should play their part in looking after it".