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Audit office findings not surprising - McCann

Published: 26 March, 2019

Sinn Féin West Tyrone councillor Stephen McCann has said he is not surprised by the findings of an Audit office report into the lack of investment in the road network in the north of Ireland. The report, Structural Maintenance of the Road Network, found that funding for road maintenance has been below the level required for a number of years.

Speaking after the report's publication Cllr McCann said he found many of the report's findings were reflected on the ground:

"The issue of the deterioration of the road network in recent years has been known to me as a public representative for quite a number or years. I deal with many issues daily in relation to potholes, and deterioration of roads in general. "One of the most revealing findings of the report is that it would take £1.2 billion required to clear backlog of structural maintenance. The scale of the problem is enormous and requires a high level of investment over the next few years, and that would be just to clear the backlog.

"Whilst £90 million is spent yearly on road maintenance the level of investment required is in the region of £140 million. That's some £50 million additional needed per year and its absence goes some way in explaining why our roads, particularly rural roads, are in such a poor state.

"Unfortunately, this is just another example of the austerity regime being implemented by the British Tory party and the DUP and how it's affecting people on the ground. Instead of stripping money from public services it is clear that a huge level of investment is needed in order to ensure our roads remain fit for purpose.CRÍOCH