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Potholes on Dunamona Road and Tory Austerity!

Published: 26 March, 2019

Sinn Féin Councillor Glenn Campbell says that the reason why compensation paid to drivers in the north, whose vehicles were damaged by potholes and other road defects, was perfectly illustrated this week when the car of a local motorist sustained substantial damage when it hit a massive pothole on the Dunamona Road between Fintona and Lynch's Vivo shop in Clanabogan.

"The West Tyrone councillor said,

"I was contacted by the wife of a motorist whose car hit one of many such potholes on the Dunamona Road on his way to work with the vehicle sustaining substantial wheel and possible suspension damage. I have contacted the Divisional Roads Manager asking that urgent remedial repairs to fill these potholes be carried out before more cars are damaged.

"The disintegrating state of this road, just like so many others, is indicative of why compensation claims are sky-rocketing-rising from £321,849 in 2016 to £751,926 in 2018. "This is a symptom of under-investment and neglect of our roads with an estimated £1.2b required to clear the structural maintenance backlog, the underlying cause of which has been Tory Austerity and year on year cuts to the Block Grant which have seen all public services badly squeezed and particularly those deemed as non-emergency.

"It has to be acknowledged that DfI Roads Service does try its best, in very difficult budgetary conditions, to respond to repair the worst defects and I trust that these on the Dunamona Road will receive urgent attention. However, it is clear that the maintenance backlog can only be addressed when the policy of Tory Austerity is ended and all of our public services are funded in a realistic manner."