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Welcome for Grit Box in Pinefields

Published: 18 March, 2019

Sinn Féin representative Kevin McColgan has welcomed the installation of a grit box in Pinefields Brae in Killyclogher. Mr McColgan had lobbied DFI Roads after the issue was raised with him on a recent visit to the estate.

Speaking after its installation Mr McColgan said:

"I welcome confirmation from DFI Roads that a grit box has been placed in Pinefields Bare in Killyclogher. On a recent visit to the estate and it was raised with me as an issue of concern. It was recounted how, at times of snow and ice, the area is particularly treacherous. Along with our local MLA we made the case to DFI Roads to place a grit box in this location and after applying their criteria and taking into account the concerns of local people they have accepted our argument.

"This is welcome news, firstly, to the residents of Pinefields and also for motorists in the area. Of course, it won't totally do away with the risks and hazards that come with snow or ice, but it certainly will enhance safety in the area.CRÍOCH