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MEP meets Community and Business groups over Brexit Concerns

Published: 27 February, 2019

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson was in the West Tyrone area on Tuesday. Amongst her engagements was a public meeting on Brexit in Carrickmore. She was welcomed by the Mid Tyrone Council candidates ahead of the poll in May. One of the organisers was Mid Tyrone Sinn Féin candidate Pádraigín Kelly.

Speaking following the public meeting Miss Kelly said:

"We invited Martina to Mid Tyrone to meet with community groups and businesses who will be amongst those worst impacted by Brexit. Whilst there was healthy debate and discussion throughout the engagement it was acknowledged by many in the room that Brexit brought nothing but bad news for every facet of life in the north. Whilst British MPs play a game of brinkmanship in Westminster the people of the north, who voted to remain, will be collateral damage for Britain's exit from the EU.

"Sinn Féin have clearly set out our stall, and that is special designated status for the north. We have brought our influence to bear on the negotiations in relation to articulating this position, primarily through our MEP Martina, and complemented by our teams of Cllrs, MLAs, TDs and MPs. The backstop, which would prevent a 'hard border', is the minimum to any future agreement. Failing that we would want to see an immediate border poll in the event of a crash out Brexit. The people of the north have clearly voted that they wish to remain and that remain vote must be respected.CRÍOCH