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Condemnation after Bin Burned in Creggan

Published: 11 February, 2019

Sinn Féin Mid Tyrone representative Catherine Kelly has condemned the burning of residential bins in the Creggan area in the early hours of Friday morning. The local representative said she believed 'the bins were targeted in a random act of anti-social behaviour'.

After speaking to one of the families targeted the Mid Tyrone representative said:

"The family are obviously shocked that their property has been targeted in this way. They had left their bin at the roadside to be emptied by the local council bin lorry on Friday. However, in the early hours of Friday morning it was set alight. I have spoken to several people locally who had passed the scene shortly after the fire was started in the early hours of Friday morning. With high winds in the area due to Storm Erik this action could have resulted in more serious consequences.

"That said the local family are now out of pocket the price of a new bin to replace the one that was destroyed. Whilst at this point, I believe the bin were targeted in a random act of anti-social behaviour the family are still concerned about the incident. It has since emerged that more than one bin was set alight. I unreservedly condemn those responsible for these actions, it is certainly something people of this area can do without'.CRÍOCH