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Renowned authors to address Carrickmore Collusion event

Published: 7 February, 2019

Authors on British Collusion Anne Cadwallader and Margaret Urwin are set to address a public meeting on the issue in Carrickmore. The event billed as 'British Collusion in Ireland' is set to take place in the Patrician Hall in the town on Saturday 9th February.

Speaking ahead of the meeting Sinn Féin candidate for the Mid Tyrone area Catherine Kelly said:

"We are delighted to extend the invite to renowned authors Anne Cadwallader and Margaret Urwin to address this public gathering in Carrickmore on the issue of British Collusion in Ireland. Both women have published books on the issue in recent years. Whilst Anne released 'Lethal Allies' Margaret published 'State in Denial', both of which expose the British sponsored policy of collusion. Having compiled their research over many years both women are best placed to speak on this issue.

"The women will detail how collusion was planned, organised and politically cleared at the highest levels. They will identify the various agencies involved who were responsible for providing information, training, weapons to kill and providing the cover up after these actions. Anne and Margaret will shed light on some of the events which took place in Co. Tyrone and demonstrate, through their research that, the state was involved in killing citizens, primarily through the use of agents within unionist death squads.

"Admission to the event is free and I would extend the invitation to those interested to come along.