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McCann calls on local support for redevelopment of vacant Trillick site.

Published: 7 February, 2019

West Tyrone Sinn Féin councillor Stephen McCann has called on Trillick people to let their views be known on the possibility of developing the old barracks side on the Gargadis road in the village for housing.

He was speaking as the Housing Executive called for expressions of interest with a view to redeveloping a vacant site, should any need be evidenced.

Speaking on the issue councillor McCann said:

"Local knowledge would tell you that there is a demand for more housing locally in Trillick. Speaking to local people day and daily it is clear to me that there is a sufficient demand for additional housing provision in the area. Like many other rural settlements across West Tyrone the supply doesn't keep up with demand and this is as true in Trillick as many other areas.

"Rightly or wrongly this demand does not always translate into hard figures when these surveys take place, for whatever reason. Therefore, I am calling on anyone with an interest to let it be known, either through myself or directly to the Housing Executive on 03448 920 900.CRÍOCH