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Mc Aleer welcomes commitment to Mountfield road works

Published: 31 January, 2018

West Tyrone MLA Declan Mc Aleer has welcomed a commitment from TransportNI to carry out drainage works on Lenagh Road which will help reduce the scale of flood run off and debris on to Mountfield Main Street.
Mr Mc Aleer said "I contacted TransportNI in early January to draw their attention to a serious problem with a drain on the Lenagh Road. This resulted in private property being flooded during heavy rainfall and created problems for drivers on the Lenagh Road, which are exacerbated during icy spells.
"The drainage issue on Lenagh Road caused flood water and debris to be washed down to Mountfield Main. The extent of water run-off was so severe that it created a channel along the road verge.
"The drainage problem left the Lenagh road in a terrible condition for drivers, particularly during icy and wet spells. I also pointed out that St Brigids Primary School is on the Lenagh Road and the drainage issue created additional problems for pupils, staff, busses and cars.
"I was therefore glad to receive correspondence from TransportNI confirmring that they inspected the area on Friday 25 January and part of the the problem was identified as a drainage pipe not being connected to a manhole. This has now been rectified.
"They further stated that there is also a blockage of a drain where a verge has slipped and the work to clear this is expected to be completed shortly.
"This is good news for Mountfield and I hope that this is effective in substantially reducing the volume of flood water and debris running down the Lenagh Road into the village".