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Mc Aleer welcomes progress on Plumbridge and Donemana mobile masts

Published: 10 November, 2017

West Tyrone MLA Declan Mc Aleer has welcomed confirmation that work is ongoing on the mobile masts in Plumbridge and Donemana with the hope that they will go 'live' within the next few months.
Mr Mc Aleer said '95% of adults have a mobile phone yet there are many parts of West Tyrone, particularly in the Sperrins where there is no coverage.
'The lack of a mobile phone signal can have a huge impact on people's lives. In one example in the Sperrins, a man with a pace maker had medical equipment installed in his home required mobile phone technology to transmit important readings to the city hospital.
"The absence of a mobile signal in this case rendered the equipment obsolete at his home and in the process has compromised his health and wellbeing.
'In May this year, I attended a 'Mobile Summit' organized by Ofcom and raised the issue of lack of coverage in many rural areas with representatives of the 4 main mobile phone companies.
'I made the case that the current provision in many rural areas of West Tyrone was poor and the companies gave an undertaking to place a focus on the area. I am therefore glad that 02 and Vodafone have confirmed that progress has been made with the Plumbridge and Donemana masts.
'However, there are many factors involved in getting proper provision and the public should be completely clear that timelines are indicative and could change for various reasons. For example, if there was a delay in getting power or transmission to these sites, this could affect the date for going live.
'I welcome the news that work is ongoing and am hopeful that by the new year the people of Plumbridge and Donemana who are currently in 'not spots' will finally have a mobile signal'