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Ian Milne MLA to address Tyrone Volunteers Day in Loughmacrory

Published: 18 November, 2016

Ian Milne MLA.  Main speaker at Tyrone Volunteers Day in Loughmacrory

Ian Milne MLA. Main speaker at Tyrone Volunteers Day in Loughmacrory

South Derry MLA Ian Milne has been confirmed as the main speaker at this years Tyrone Volunteers Day in Loughmacrory on Sunday 27th November at 6pm. Speaking ahead of the torchlight procession which will adopt a 1916 centenary theme, Mr Milne said: "Tyrone Volunteers Day is a time for Republicans to pause and remember those who have laid down their lives in the struggle for freedom. We remember the Republicans from every generation, including the IRA volunteers and Sinn Féin activists on the Roll Of Honour who lost their lives during the most recent phase of the struggle and we are ever conscious of the impact of this huge loss on their families and loved ones. "I knew many of the Republicans on the Tyrone Roll of Honour from my time as a political prisoner in Portlaoise, in the cages of Long Kesh and on the blanket protest in the H Blocks. It is therefore an absolute privilege to be asked to speak at Tyrone Volunteers Day on this centenary year. I am looking forward to meeting the relatives of our patriot dead and I also look forward to catching up with old friends and comrades from Tyrone. One of the organisers is local MLA Declan Mc Aleer "This year marks the centenary of the Easter Rising when Irish men and women, with the support of exiled children in America and gallant allies in Europe struck a blow for Irish freedom. Their courage has inspired generations and during 2016 hundreds of events have taken place throughout Tyrone and all over Ireland to commemorate the centenary of this seminal moment in our revolutionary history. "As a member of the local Milligan-Harte Sinn Féin Cumann we are incredibly proud that the Tyrone SF Commemoration Committee chose Loughmacrory as the venue this year for Tyrone Volunteers Day. The Cumann members have been working hard to make this a fitting tribute to our patriot dead. The parade route we have chosen will retrace the steps of the funeral of Vols Gerard and Martin Harte. The Loughmacrory SF Cumann is named in honour of Gerard and Martin so this gives an added significance to the event. "The procession begins at 6pm on Ballybrack Road and an open invitation is extended to everyone to come along and take part in what will be a fitting tribute to our patriot dead".