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Vigilance urged after reports of unwanted callers in Carrickmore

Published: 10 November, 2016

Sinn Féin Mid Tyrone councillor Barry McNally has called upon people in the Mid Tyrone area to be vigilant and asked upon neighbours to look out for those who are vulnerable as the dark evenings draw in. Highlighting his concern Cllr. McNally has said in the past month he has received several reports about unwanted visitors calling at homes in the Carrickmore area.

Explaining Cllr McNally said:

"I have received a number of calls in the past few weeks from local people, most of them senior citizens who have dealt with unknown and unwanted visitors at their homes. On one of the occasions a local woman was confronted by a number of men at her home. When asked to leave one of the party put their foot in her front door, leaving her unable to close the door. Shortly later they departed the scene.

"This was obviously a very frightening experience for the individual concerned. For people to be confronted in their own homes by unwanted callers is unacceptable. Most legitimate callers to your home will have Identification and will have no problem making this available to you.

"Considering this recent activity I would call for vigilance in the local area and ask neighbours to keep an eye on each other, especially those who may be senior citizens or vulnerable."