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McAleer to use Committee of the Regions role to have Remain vote respected

Published: 5 October, 2016

Sinn Féin MLA Declan McAleer has said he will use his position on the EU Committee of the Regions to argue the case for the north to remain in the EU. Speaking after a public meeting in Creggan attended by farmers and rural groups, Mr McAleer said; "The single greatest issue facing us is EU exit despite the fact that the majority of people in the north voted to stay. "I am a member of the Committee of the Regions, the primary function of which is to represent the views of regional and local government and to inform and influence EU decision making. "I intend to use that position to reflect the views of the majority of people here who see their future interests best served in the EU. "At the public meeting, a lot of concern was expressed about the implications of a 'hard Brexit' on environmental regulation, agritrade across borders, food labelling and the fear of Single Farm Payments being axed or hugely reduced. "No one seriously believed that a London-centric Tory government would replace vital support for hard-pressed rural communities. "The mood among the overwhelming majority of rural stakeholders is to support the campaign to remain in the EU. "My colleagues in the EU Parliament are reflecting this position and Sinn Féin is leading the fight to remain at every possible level and that will include the Committee of the Regions." Ends/Críoch