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Irish government has an obligation to defend interests of all the Irish people - Doherty

Published: 28 June, 2016

Sinn Féin MP Pat Doherty said An Taoiseach Enda Kenny and the Irish government have an obligation to uphold the rights of Irish citizens in the north.

The West Tyrone MP said that as co-guarantors of the Good Friday Agreement, the Irish government need to do so by supporting the democratic will of the majority in the north who voted to remain part of the EU.

The West Tyrone MP said:

"Like Scotland, the people of the north have not given their consent to Brexit and should not be subject to its disastrous economic and social consequences that it will have not least on our agriculture/agri-food industries.

"It will also impact structural and Peace Funding, the ability to retain and attract inward investment and the free movement of people, trade and goods within the island and beyond.

"Every sector in our society from tourism, trade, the economy, health, the environment, farming and rural issues, equality and workers rights issues - are all interrelated and will be negatively affected by this decision.

"At the EU Council meeting this week, Enda Kenny and the Irish Government must defend the interests of all the people of Ireland and work to ensure that the democratic decision of the people of the north to remain in the EU is realised.

"Sinn Féin will seek urgent meetings with the Irish government, the European Institutions and also our counterparts in Scotland to discuss how we all move forward to advance this objective." CRÍOCH/END