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Works begin at Mulvey House footpath to facilitate those with mobility problems.

Published: 27 June, 2016

Strabane Sinn Féin Councillor Brian Mc Mahon says that remedial work has now begun on the footpath adjacent to Mulvey House to facilitate residents who are currently unable to get up onto and down off the path because of mobility problems.

He said,

"Following representations from residents of Mulvey House, I lobbied Transport Ni on their behalf requesting that the path be made user friendly for those with mobility problems and particularly for those who use walking aids as the footpath was not fit for purpose.

"This was because the drop step to the right at Mulvey House was too high and was located at the narrowest point of the path making it very difficult and for some impossible to negotiate. The absence of any drop step at the other end of the path towards Mc Fadden's shop was equally problematic and meant that most residents were forced to walk out onto the road at the junction of Magirr Park and O' Nolan Park running the risk of meeting oncoming traffic.

"At a recent site meeting Transport NI Roads Service Section officer Sam Young acknowledged that the footpath was not fit for purpose for the reasons outlined and scheduled these works which have now begun to move and lower the drop step at the Mulvey House end and provide a low drop step and the Mc Fadden's Shop end of the footpath