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Mc Cann welcomes Trillick footpath and road remedial works

Published: 21 June, 2016

Sinn Féin councillor Stevie Mc Cann has welcomed confirmation he has received from Transport NI that local footpath and road remedial works that he has been lobbying for have now been scheduled.

He said,

"Having raised the poor and unsafe condition of the surface of the footpath on Trillick's Main Street on a number of occasions over recent months, I am delighted to have now received confirmation from Transport NI that it will resurface an approximately 150 metre stretch of the footpath on from the Girgadis Road to Ballyard Road.

Further to other lobbying about crater like potholes on and the general poor surface of the Aughnamoe, Lakemount & Togherdoo roads, I welcome confirmation that resurfacing work is to be undertaken on these roads and I will continue to keep on the agenda with Transport NI the many other roads in a similar poor state that have been highlighted to me by local residents and motorists.