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Vote to Remain on Thursday - Boyle

Published: 20 June, 2016

Sinn Féin MLA Michaela Boyle is urging people not to be complacent on Thursday and to vote to remain in Europe.

Ms Boyle said,

"Sinn Féin is very critical of many aspects of the EU and in particular of the democratic deficit which is at its core.

"However, the possibility that a part of the island of Ireland could end up outside the European Union while the other part stays in is not a situation that will benefit the people of this island.

"Partition has created enough problems. We need to avoid adding to this.

"The Good Friday Agreement has brought about significant changes, including ensuring that the border is now all but invisible.

"People who live on either side of it travel, back and forward to work, to shop, to visit relatives, often on a daily basis. Brexit threatens that important change.

"It is also important to note that the Cameron government plans to repeal the Human Rights Act. A pro Brexit vote will encourage this proposal and puts at risk crucial human rights legislation that underpins the Good Friday Agreement.

"If Brexit occurs there is also every possibility that a right wing Conservative government would turn its attention to scrapping some of the other hard won social and workers' rights guaranteed by the European Union.

"We are therefore urging a strong vote to remain in the EU on Thursday."