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Strule Arts Centre to host JAMES CONNOLLY event

Published: 7 March, 2016

Strule Arts Centre, Omagh will this week host a major 1916 Centenary event when Dr. John Callow will launch the second edition of his major publication looking back on Ireland's revolutionary decade. Dr Callow who has strong connections with the Marx Library in London and Britain's trade union movement will speak regarding his highly acclaimed book: Phoenix Rising: James Connolly & The Re-Conquest Of Ireland.

The book reproduces the manuscript of Connolly's last major work, together with other documents that shed light upon his re-envisioning of Irish history and culture, the struggle for women's rights, and the fight to achieve an Independent and Socialist Ireland.

Announcing details of the event which will take place on Friday 11th March at 7.30pm and is organised by Sinn Féin, Barry McElduff MLA said:

"The book is based on a collection of previously unseen manuscripts by the great Irish revolutionary and trade union leader, James Connolly. The book, contains family papers and writings in Connolly's own hand - that were once believed to have been lost and which are now in the Marx Memorial Library in London.

"Phoenix Rising: James Connolly & the Re-Conquest of Ireland which is profusely illustrated with original documents and photographs, and with specially commissioned artwork, explores Connolly's conception of nationhood, its loss and the continuing quest for social justice.

"We are very pleased to have John Callow, the historian who rediscovered the Connolly manuscript that forms the basis of the book, accept our invitation to speak.

"This book gives a fascinating insight into Connolly and his life and times. The resilience shown by the labour movement in the aftermath of defeat at the time of the 1913 Dublin Lockout is inspiring. Connolly's inclusive values allied with his clear vision in part shaped Ireland's response to a critical juncture in history.

"Sinn Féin is delighted to assist in bringing the material in this book to a wider public when marking the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising.

"Everyone is welcome to attend our event and admission is free. Signed copies of the book will be on sale on the night - price £12.99" ENDS