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Doherty calls on PSNI to release all files in Arlene Arkinson murder case

Published: 6 October, 2015

Sinn Féin MP Pat Doherty has called on the PSNI to release all documents in relation to the Arlene Arkinson murder to the coroner following the death of Robert Howard so the inquest can proceed.

Mr Doherty said,

"Given the fact that a former leading detective on the case has stated he was certain Robert Howard was responsible for the murder of Arlene Arkinson it is now time for the PSNI to release all files relating to the case to the coroner.

"At a recent hearing the PSNI applied for a Public Interest Immunity (PII) to withhold 3 files being made available to the Coroner.

"I have raised the question why they applied for them and who were the PSNI attempting to protect. These files must be released now given the death of Robert Howard.

"The Arkinson family deserve answers about what happened to Arlene and help in recovering her remains.

"The inquest needs to proceed as soon as possible so the Arkinson family can get access to the truth of what happened to their sister."