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Timing of Newtownstewart parade sparks concern

Published: 20 May, 2015

West Tyrone MP Pat Doherty has contacted the Parades commission with concerns following on from a loyalist parade, which took place in Newtownstewart on May 1st.

Speaking this week the local MP said,

"I was contacted by a number of residents in Newtownstewart after a parade which took place on May 1st was allowed to pass their homes after 11pm at night.

"Young children were kept awake during the parade and residents felt they were confined to their homes until after the parade had passed.

"Nobody is saying the Protestant community is not entitled to celebrate their cultural identity and heritage but there needs to be some common sense shown and consideration given to others in the town in terms of the timing and location of parades in the area.

"I have requested that the parades commission look into this issue with urgent attention with a view to coming to a resolution which will benefit the whole community of Newtownstewar with future parades."