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Exit from EU would cause economic devastation in Ireland

Published: 20 May, 2015

Sinn Féin MP Pat Doherty has said an 'English decision' to leave Europe and bring the North of Ireland out of the European Union at the same time would cause 'economic devastation' on the island of Ireland.

The West Tyrone MP said,

"We now have in place at Westminster an English government operating against Scottish, Welsh and Irish opinion that we are better off in the EU.

"There is no doubt if we leave the EU in two years time that this would disastrous for the economy on this island.

"It would make the border an even greater barrier to economic activity and job creation. It would remove hundreds of millions of pounds in terms of PEACE funding. EU funding from 2007-13 was worth £2.4billion to the North.

"There is a clear need for progressive parties, for the farming community, for fisheries and for the business community to put forward the arguments now that we are economically better off in the European Union.

"Sinn Féin wishes to see a separate referendum here for EU membership in the event of the British government going ahead with their plan.

"With only 9,055 voting for the Tories in the north of Ireland how can we be dictated to by them or by London on whether or not we should stay in the EU."