West Tyrone Sinn Féin -- Building an Ireland of Equals

'Our Unfinished Journey' - By Pat Fahy

Published: 23 April, 2015

"The journey which I together with many others began with the Civil Rights Movement in 1968 is an important part of our shared history. Our younger people have no personal experience of that period. But there is a clear connection between our struggle then and our struggle today. "Then it was the demands we were making for basic civil rights in housing, employment and the right to vote. Rights denied by the British and unionist government to those of us who refused to accept the legitimacy of the partition of our country. "We have succeeded in removing much, though not all of the discrimination in our daily lives. Not as a result of any generosity on the part of the British but only after a long and bitter conflict in which many suffered grievously. And our battle is not yet over.Today the struggle for full equality and justice in Ireland is being carried forward by Sinn Fein. "As a united community, through Sinn Féin we are demanding more than just the removal of the ill - effects of the unjust and undemocratic division of our country. We are seeking the dismantling of partition itself, and the creation of a fair, just and equal society for all. In this task all of us have an important part to play. We are honour bound, all of us, to ensure that never again do we have to endure the terrible conflict which in the past resulted from the denial of our most basic rights. "Our right to vote was hard won. Each of us must ensure - in West Tyrone and elsewhere in the North - that our collective voice demanding justice is heard loudly and clearly. The only way we can do that is by registering our vote on May 7th. In doing this all of us we will be taking an important step nearer towards completing the journey begun by the Civil Rights movement in 1968".