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Death of Canon Tom Breen a Huge Loss - Cllr Campbell

Published: 10 February, 2015

West Tyrone Sinn Féín Councillor Glenn Campbell has spoken of the huge loss felt by the Dromore community following the death of Canon Tom Breen. Paying tribute to Canon Breen, Cllr Campbell said,

"Canon Tom Breen was greatly loved by the people of Dromore and much wider afield. There was a palpable sense of loss in Dromore this weekend. As people within the Dromore community reflected on his life, the sense of loss seemed to grow. He touched many, many, lives during his years in Dromore."

Cllr Campbell described Canon Breen as 'an integral part' of the GAA community in Dromore, saying,

"Canon Breen was an avid supporter of Dromore, St. Dympna's GAC, a familiar sight cheering on the team from his own vantage point inside the wire. Some people attributed Dromore's success not just to the prowess of the players - it was felt that Canon Breen's praying power done the team no harm!"

Referring to Canon Breen's pivotal role in the community, Cllr Campbell said,

"His voice was instantly recognisable, both from the altar and while out amongst the Dromore community carrying out his pastoral duties. Canon Breen was witty, a great character. As a Priest and community leader he was insightful and authoritative, but at the same time humble and compassionate. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him."

"Concluding, Cllr Campbell said,

"He had a large extended family, in the widest sense of the phrase. The people of Dromore became his family. Of course, it his immediate family and relatives who will most acutely feel his loss. On behalf of myself and the wider Dromore community I want to extend sincere condolences to Canon Breen's family at this sad and difficult time."