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Several successes from Polling Station review- Doherty

Published: 23 January, 2015

West Tyrone Sinn Féin MP Pat Doherty has received confirmation that several proposals he submitted to the 2014 Polling Scheme Review have been accepted and will be included in the revised scheme when it is published at the end of January.

The Polling station review closed in December 2014 and gave people the opportunity to express concerns or proposals around the location of specific polling stations.

Speaking this week the local MP said,

"Many people within the Strabane District expressed their concerns with me at the last election regarding the location of the polling station they were instructed to cast their vote at.

"The polling scheme review provided an opportunity for us to voice these concerns and offer alternative proposals.

"The following proposals I submitted have been accepted.

"In the Derg DEA voters from Drumlegagh Road South Envagh, Envagh Road, Baronscourt Road, Whitehill Road, Cairn Road, Archill Road, Lough Road and Drumlegagh Road South Byturn, vote in Killen. They have now been relocated to Newtownstewart Model School.

"In the Sperrin DEA voters from Tamworth Grove and Evish Grove, Strabane are being relocated from Strabane Controlled PS to St Catherines PS polling station.

"This means that obstacles previously faced by voters from these areas have been resolved and people can use their democratic right to vote more freely.

"I also proposed that a new polling station be opened at St Columbas PS in Clady so that voters from Clady would not have to travel to the Glebe to vote. Many people from Clady are faced with barriers during Election Day as some do not drive or have access to transport. This proposal was not accepted; however I will be contacting the electoral office to lobby further for this to be included in the revised scheme."