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Anger as vehicle window smashed by snowball in Clady

Published: 14 January, 2015

Derg councillor Maolíosa McHugh has called on youths to refrain from throwing snowballs at vehicles after a vehicle was damaged last night in Clady.

Speaking today Cllr McHugh said,

"I was angered last night when contacted by a young man who had his back seat window smashed by a snowball thrown by a youth, resulting in glass covering the baby seat which sat inside the car. Luckily, his child was not in the vehicle at the time but this incident could have been so much worse.

"With the recent snowfall and school closures, children and youths will be looking to make the most of the snow. For the most part this will mean harmless fun, however others are deciding to put lives at risk by choosing to partake in such activity.

"This is completely irresponsible and dangerous and if it doesn't stop immediately it will lead to more damage to property, injury and possibly arrests and criminal records.

I would urge drivers to be vigilant in this weather and would encourage parents to ensure their children are not involved in such activity."