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Don't ignore debt problems - Doherty

Published: 12 January, 2015

Sinn Féin MP Pat Doherty has encouraged anyone experiencing financial difficulties to seek independent expert help as soon as possible.

The local MP said;

"January can be very stressful time for many people who are experiencing financial difficulties.

"At times the pressure can seem very great and can extend to all aspects of a person's life."

"But no matter how great the pressure, there is always help available.

"I would encourage anyone struggling with debt or other financial pressures to seek help before the problems get too immense.

"There are a range of services available at community level providing free expert independent financial advice to those in need.

"Locally, the Citizens Advice Bureau and various other groups offer an excellent range of advice services for those dealing with debt.

"Financial worries will not go away on their own and I would appeal to anyone in this situation not to ignore the problems but to avail of these services and seek help as soon as possible in order to find a solution."