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Traffic threshold criteria 'Flawed' - Cllr R Mc Hugh

Published: 12 January, 2015

Derg Sinn Féin Councillor Ruairí Mc Hugh has called on Transport NI to implement traffic calming measures at Erganagh road outside of Castlederg. Speaking at a recent meeting with Transport NI officials Cllr Ruairí Mc Hugh expressed his frustration to transport NI's response that smaller settlements such as the Listymore area do not qualify for traffic calming measures because the volume of traffic on the Erganagh road does not meet the required threshold set down by the department and therefore does not justify the required spend. Cllr Ruairí Mc Hugh was raising the matter on behalf of residents in Elmwood Green and Listymore Park who had brought the issue to his attention.

Cllr McHugh said,

''Once again I am disappointed that the department has overlooked the Erganagh community in its forthcoming road safety measures. The volume of traffic threshold is a flawed criteria for the implementation of traffic calming measures and needs to be reviewed. In my opinion the safety of pedestrians and in particular the safety of children who live in these smaller rural settlements is being put at risk because the area they live in does not have as much traffic as other areas.

"It only takes one vehicle to cause a road traffic accident and this road has become increasingly busier with particular large agricultural and transport vehicles using it from nearby businesses. There are also more children crossing this road to use the play area at Listymore Park with new estates having been built in recent years. I am calling on Transport NI to respond to the demand from this community and implement traffic calming measures before, God Forbid, an accident does happen.''