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Doherty reiterates importance of cross border collaboration

Published: 24 November, 2014

West Tyrone Sinn Féin MP Pat Doherty this week met in Omagh with Martina Anderson MEP, Matt Carthy MEP and 3 cross border bodies to discuss the current funding situation within Europe.

Speaking after the meeting the local MP said,

"I was privileged today to meet with a variety of groups who are working in the border regions of Ireland. The role these groups play is vital to our communities.

"The towns and counties along the border are the most deprived and under developed areas of the island. As a Sinn Féin MP I am committed to working with our representatives in Europe in order to help these groups attain the necessary funding in order to carry out work that will boost struggling economies and encourage employment and growth in these deprived areas.

"I will be working closely with my colleagues Martina Anderson, Matt Carthy and other MEPS in Europe to ensure that cross border collaboration is supported.

"Martina has now committed to co-ordinating a meeting with the cross border bodies and SEUPB to explore new funding programmes, opportunities and support and to make a case to guarantee the future of North/South cooperation."