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Mc Cauley welcomes fairer re-distribution of non-domestic rates burden

Published: 18 November, 2014

Strabane Sinn Féin Councillor Jay Mc Cauley hopes that the re-evaluation of non-domestic properties will lead to a fairer distribution of the non-domestic rates burden from April 1st next year. He said, "All 73,000 non-domestic properties, including shops, offices, pubs and factories, have been officially revalued for the first time since 2001. "This re-evaluation is long overdue because for many years the burden that was being shouldered by most small businesses bore little or no resemblance to the rental value of their properties particularly since the economic downturn. "High Rates has been one of the main reasons for the closure of so many small businesses, particularly in town centres like Strabane, with most others just barely surviving, "Hopefully this re-evaluation will help to create a more level playing field in terms of the rates burden and give a long-overdue boost to many small struggling businesses and enable them to survive and possibly grow." ENDS