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Killeter shortlisted for Vodafone 3G coverage programme- McGuire

Published: 10 November, 2014

Derg Sinn Féin councillor Kieran McGuire has welcomed news that Killeter has been shortlisted for Vodafones Rural Open Sure Signal programme, which would bring Vodafone 3G coverage to the local community.

Speaking this week Councillor McGuire said,

"I welcome the response from Vodafone this week and also praise the efforts by local MP Pat Doherty for putting the pressure on to ensure this happens.

Over the next few months Vodafone technical teamswill be carrying out assessments to ensure Open Sure Signal will be effective in Killeter.

They will be conducting broadband speed checks, analysing future plans for the spread of coverage from our planned network upgrades and investment and surveying the local community and proposed sites for the Open Sure Signal units to ensure their locations are most effective in providing widespread coverage.

This is still the shortlist stage- the local MP and I are committed to keeping the pressure on to ensure it will all go smoothly and that Killeter will soon have access to reliable 3G mobile coverage."