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British Army recruitment leaflets hugely offensive - McNally

Published: 3 November, 2014

Cllr McNally with the leaflet in question supplied by a constituent

Cllr McNally with the leaflet in question supplied by a constituent

Sinn Féin Mid Tyrone Councillor Barry McNally has hit out at British Army recruitment leaflets being placed in the Jobs and Benefits offices in Omagh. The councillor was speaking after he was contacted by constituents complaining about the issue.

Speaking Cllr McNally said he plans to raise the issue directly with the Department of Employment and Learning:

"This issue has been brought to my attention in the last week whereby claimants who are signing on at the Jobs and Benefits office are confronted with leaflets imploring them to join the British Army. The leaflets relate to the RIR, formerly known as the UDR and who were notorious for collusion with loyalist death squads, torture, roadside beatings and being a general nuisance in areas where they served. Many are of the view that the UDR were a sectarian militia armed by the British State, who were members of the British Army by day and members of Loyalist death squads at night.

"The British Army have left a bloody legacy in their wake whether that be here in Ireland, Afghanistan or elsewhere. Local job hunters should not be faced with material relating to a recruitment drive by the British Army. It is unacceptable and highly offensive, particularly to those who suffered at the hands of the British Army in the local area.

"I will be raising this directly with the Department of Employment and Learning and asking for a commitment that these leaflets are removed and not used in the future in the Job and benefits office which should be a neutral workplace for users and workers alike.