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Calls for removal of Derg barracks reiterated- Sinn Féin

Published: 8 October, 2014

Sinn Féin MLA Michaela Boyle has written to the Minister of Justice and the Policing Board expressing her concerns at the amount of public money being spent on the PSNI barracks in Castlederg.

A recent Freedom of Information request has shown that the PSNI barracks in Castlederg is open 5 hours per week and in the two year period between 2012 and 2014 £111,594.87 has been spent on re-decoration works, electricity, heating, broadband and other maintenance works

Ms Boyle said,

"Sinn Féin has long campaigned, along with the local community, for the removal of the Castlederg Barracks. What people within this community want is civic, accountable and effective policing. The retention of this militarised barracks does nothing to achieve this.

With the announcement of the PSNI's recent funding crisis and the savings that are required to be made as a result of this, I believe serious consideration needs to be given to the removal of this barracks. It serves no purpose in the local community and is merely an eyesore and a huge drain on the PSNI's financial resources."

Continuing local Cllr Ruairi McHugh said,

"The barracks site is 8,514sq metres in size- I can think of a thousand ways this site could be better utilised by the local community. Castlederg is one of the most deprived rural areas in the north- it is shocking that so much money can be spent on an unused building when so many people living nearby are living in poverty."

Note to editors:

1. £21,332.42 was spent on joinery and redecoration works for G8 accommodation needs

2. Between 2012-2014 £14,602.71 has been spent on electricity

3. Between 2012-2014 £11,684.45 has been spent on heating

4. Between 2012-2014 £840 was spent on phone/broadband

5. Between 2013/14 £63,135.29 was spent on maintaining the site

6. 5 full time officers are linked to the Derg barracks

7. The barracks is open for 5 hours every Tuesday between 3pm-8pm

8. There have been no attacks on the barracks within the past year

9. The barracks site is 8,514sq metres in size