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Day of Action against Tory Cuts held in Strabane town- Sinn Féin

Published: 22 September, 2014

The people of the Strabane district took part in a Day of Action against Tory welfare cuts in the town at the weekend.

The Day of Action was the latest in a series of initiatives by Sinn Féin to give people an opportunity to voice their opposition to welfare cuts.

Party activists were on the streets of cities, towns and villages across the North explaining their opposition to the cuts agenda and collecting signatures for a "Stop Tory Cuts" petition.

Local MLA Michaela Boyle said,

"Growing numbers of people are realising the devastating impact Tory welfare cuts would have on all communities. Within a 3 hour timeframe we received over 1000 signatures to our petition against welfare cuts.

The cuts proposed by a cabinet of Tory millionaires would punish the poor, unemployed, those on low incomes and people with disabilities within the Strabane district, and indeed throughout the whole of the north.

As part of our campaign against welfare cuts we have also brought a motion to the floor of the assembly which will be debated this week. We in Sinn Féin are totally opposed to this attack on the most vulnerable in our society"