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Doherty calls for border poll

Published: 19 September, 2014

Pat Doherty MP has called for a border poll in the North following the Scottish independence referendum. Pat Doherty MP said;

"The debate around the referendum ensures that things will never be the same again for Scotland or elsewhere.

"It showed that it is possible to discuss important constitutional issues in a spirit of respect for all sides. I believe we could do that without opening up divisions which would be detrimental to the institutions.

"We also need to get our approach to working those institutions right. We have many challenges to face and it is clear that there is a rump within the DUP of between nine and 12 powerful individuals who have been blocking progress in the Assembly.

"But with agreement and a united front we can overcome those challenges.

"We have huge budgetary challenges facing us and Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness are in agreement that the decisions taken by this Conservative-led administration has amounted to a gutting of the block grant.

"There is agreement on a number of issues. All of the parties are agreed that we should have the power to set our levels of corporation tax.

"We will also be calling on the British government to transfer full fiscal powers to the Assembly.

"We have to find agreement on what extra powers would benefit the people we represent.

"There is a debate to be had and I enter into that in a spirit of positivity and constructiveness to find an approach we can all agree on."