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Large loyalist band parade in Castlederg a cause for concern- McHugh

Published: 16 September, 2014

Derg Sinn Fein councillor Ruairi McHugh has expressed his disappointment at a parades commission ruling which will allow a controversial loyalist band parade to take place this Saturday evening in the town of Castlederg.

The Castlederg Young Loyalists band parade will take place between 8pm and 11pm, with 88 bands filed for and 2000 supporters and participants expected to take part- more bands than ever before.

Cllr McHugh said,

"Once again the people of Castlederg will see the town locked down due to a large loyalist parade in the town. This will be the 21st loyalist parade in Castlederg since January. There has been no attempt by those applying for these parades to enter into any form of dialogue with community representatives, residents or business people, something the Parades Commission places great emphasis on.

Nobody is saying the Protestant community are not entitled to celebrate their cultural identity and heritage but there needs to be some common sense shown and consideration given to others in the town in terms of the number of parades and flags in a town where the majority of residents do not come from the unionist tradition."