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Tory Cuts must be opposed - Boyle

Published: 15 September, 2014

Sinn Féin MLA Michaela Boyle has called for a united opposition from all Executive Parties to welfare cuts.

Speaking this week Ms Boyle said,

"A recent report commissioned by the Council for Voluntary Action spells out the stark consequences of these Tory cuts, with the most deprived district areas suffering the greatest losses. Based on official government data Strabane is one of the districts which will be hit hardest.

Some of the stark figures show that in the Strabane district alone 1,400 single parent families will face cuts and 4,700 families will have their tax credits cut. The NICVA report also shows that there will be a loss of £870 per year per working age adult in the Strabane district which results in a loss of £22million to the local economy each year.

The Tory welfare programme is not about reform. It is about saving money at the expense of the poor. Sinn Féin is absolute in our opposition to welfare cuts, north and south of the border. This Tory cuts agenda must be opposed."