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Mc Aleer highlights pedestrian safety concerns

Published: 20 August, 2014

West Tyrone MLA Declan Mc Aleer has welcomed confirmation from DRD Roads Service that it intends to conduct a pedestrian survey on Kevlin Road and he has also called for pedestrian safety measures to be implemented on Brook Street. According to Mr Mc Aleer 'I have been contacted by residents in the Canondale, Canonvale and Coolnagard areas of town regarding the dangers for pedestrians at the Kevlin Rd/Kevlin Avenue junction. 'People have told me that at certain times of the day they have to wait several minutes to get across this part of the road, especially in the mornings when going to work, or after school when it is also very busy. 'Whilst I welcome the fact that there already are lights beside Anderson Gardens, and at the Hill on Kevlin Road, it is imperative that a safe crossing for pedestrians is also put in place at this very busy part of the Kevlin Road. 'I have asked DRD to look at the possibility of installing a crossing mechanism between the entrance of the CBS and this junction and I am glad to note that they have confirmed that a pedestrian survey will be carried out at this location during September after the schools return from their summer break. Hopefully, this will be swiftly followed by the implementation of a scheme to address the issue. Mr Mc Aleer continued 'I have raised a second pedestrian related issue with DRD. On Brook Street at the rear of Loreto Convent the kerb is at the same level as the carriageway. This makes it difficult for people, especially those with visual impairment to differentiate between the road and the pavement. It is also the route walked by many pupils each day. 'In their response, DRD accepted that the kerb is 'quite low' but indicated that raising it to a standard height might cause more problems than it would solve due to the narrow width generally of the street and the need to facilitate through traffic and turning manoeuvres entering/leaving the Convent grounds. 'Whilst I welcome the fact that DRD have decided to conduct an assessment of pedestrian movements on Kevlin Road, I strongly feel that remedial work should be carried out on Brook Street to address the risks to pedestrians and I have requested a site meeting to press this matter further. 'Schools will be back in just over a fortnight, so it is essential that DRD priorities both of these issues as they affect the safety of school children and the hundreds of pedestrians who use these routes every day'.