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BBC Spotlight a shocking indictment of policing in Omagh - Doherty

Published: 3 June, 2014

Pat Doherty MP has referred to tonight's Spotlight programme as a shocking indictment of policing in Omagh and has called for the PSNI to act immediately following the collapse of public confidence.

Pat Doherty recently led a Sinn Féin delegation to meet senior PSNI officers, Superintendent Alywin Barton and Omagh Area Commander, Sue Ann Steen to press them on growing concerns over the level of complaints about the PSNI in the Omagh District, particularly from young people.

Mr Doherty MP said,

"Tonight's Spotlight programme is a shocking indictment of policing in Omagh and will do nothing to restore confidence in the PSNI. We have been consistent in challenging this bad policing and have had very frank exchanges where the senior PSNI team were left in no doubt of the seriousness of the situation that currently exists.

"This follows the collapse of public confidence in policing in the aftermath of the highly publicised court cases, where the judge had dismissed evidence by police as being tainted and lacking in credibility.

"We stressed to the PSNI the consequences of bringing these young people before the courts on charges that could have serious impacts on their futures.

"We have also pressed on the local PSNI management of the break down in discipline of their officers on the ground, and that they need to take control of the situation.

"We have raised this at PCSP level and our Policing Board members have been alerted to the issues.

"People want a police service, not a police force and Sinn Féin will confront and expose bad policing. The public expect and are entitled to better. Where policing is not delivered then it needs challenged and changed for the better."