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Sinn Féin are now Ireland's largest party - McColgan

Published: 27 May, 2014

Freshly elected Councillor and Omagh Council Chairperson Marty McColgan has thanked all those who voted for Sinn Féin in last week's local government and European elections.

Sinn Féin recorded the best ever election result in their history, surpassing even the ground-breaking election of 1918 by achieving 483,113 votes across Ireland. This translates to seventeen Sinn Féin Councillors in the new Fermanagh and Omagh Super Council, nine of which were elected in Omagh District.

Speaking following the Local and European elections, Sinn Féin Councillor Marty McColgan said;

"Voters have endorsed Sinn Féin's message that there is a fairer way. We thank you all for your support.

"The island-wide election result is also an endorsement of Sinn Fein's message of the need to reinvigorate the Peace Process and for an agreed, united Ireland.

"Sinn Féin recorded our best ever election results, surpassing even the historic 1918 election by achieving 483,113 votes across Ireland. We are now the largest party in Ireland.

"We topped the poll with Martina Anderson MEP in the six county European election with 159,823 votes. We also returned as the largest party locally by electing seventeen Councillors to the new Super Council, nine of them in Omagh District.

"And although we narrowly missed out on a third seat in Omagh Town, a fantastic campaign was fought by our first time candidate Catherine Kelly and her team, who achieved 556 votes and helped increase our vote by 6% despite voter turnout being down 8%.

"Be assured, Sinn Fein's newly elected MEPs will stand up for Ireland and our councillors will fight for genuine community interests which put the needs of citizens first.

"The huge vote for Sinn Fein marks a profound change in the political landscape across Ireland."