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Mc Guire welcomes Mourne Park Improvements

Published: 30 April, 2014

Sinn Fein Cllr Kieran Mc Guire has welcomed plans by the Housing Executive to undertake landscaping improvement works in Mourne Park in Newtownstewart following representations he made on behalf of local residents about unsafe and unsightly surfaces in the estate.
He said,
"Following this lobbying, I convened a site meeting with the Housing Executive to discuss various issues of concern on behalf local residents including the poor state of disrepair and unsightly nature of cobbled areas/footways.
"I now welcome confirmation that the Ground's Maintenance Section propose to undertake a scheme of improvement works including: removing cobbled areas and replacing them with tar at various points in the estate, removing paving and grassing out areas, removing cobbles and creating planted areas; removing a a hard area and creating a bed in centre an removing paving to create a path and grassed area.
"I very much welcome these proposed works and if local residents are content with what is being planned they are scheduled to commence in the coming months.
"There are other issues including the removal of unsightly graffiti and last but not least the provision of a play area which I am also working to progress."