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CCMS must listen to local solutions

Published: 29 April, 2014

Pat Doherty MP and Councillor Sean Clarke have called on CCMS to listen to local solutions to the future educational needs of children attending Saint Eugene's Primary School Tircur, and Gortnagarn Primary School.

Pat Doherty MP said,

"The Board of Governors for both Saint Eugene's and Gortnagarn have been working together with a proposal for amalgamation and a sharing of resources with Dunmullan Controlled School. CCMS must listen to local solutions."

Councillor Sean Clarke said,

"There are very strong feelings in the local community regarding the future educational needs of the area. Many in the local community including the Board of Governors of both schools have been campaigning very strongly and feel they aren't being listened to by CCMS. Their views need listened to."