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More Sinn Féin election posters removed in Omagh District

Published: 29 April, 2014

Some of the Sinn Féin representatives who have had posters removed

Some of the Sinn Féin representatives who have had posters removed

Last weekend over two dozen Sinn Féin election posters were removed from the Clanabogan, Trillick and Omagh area. Sorcha McAnespy, Catherine Kelly, Frankie Donnelly and Stephen McCann all had posters taken.

There has been another spate of Sinn Féin posters taken in the past two nights with five of the party's ten candidates now having had posters removed, leaving the overall number of posters down to over forty.

Councillor Frankie Donnelly has had further posters swiped in Drumquin and rural Dromore and Council Chairperson Marty McColgan has had posters removed on the Derry Road. Sinn Féin MEP and European Election candidate Martina Anderson has also had posters taken down on the Derry Road roundabout.

Omagh Sinn Féin representative Catherine Kelly said,

"I strongly condemn the removal of over forty Sinn Féin election posters across Omagh District and urge those responsible to stop now.

"As a new candidate, I know how daunting it is to put yourself before the electorate; it is a brave decision to stand for election. It is an absolutely cowardly act to take down election posters in the cover of darkness in a futile attempt to divert democracy."

"We won't be deterred by the actions of knuckle-draggers who think that it's right or acceptable to take down election posters. Wherever our posters have been removed, we have either replaced or are preparing to replace.

"The anti-democratic actions by a few only serves to makes us more determined to ensure we get elected. That is the strongest, most democratic response to these stupid childish acts."