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More needs to be done to protect our rivers

Published: 23 April, 2014

Mid Tyrone Sinn Féin Candidate Barry McNally has said more needs to be done in order to protect our rivers.

Speaking after a major fish kill on the River Oona Mr McNally said,

"It is important that we get to the bottom of this recent fish kill which has seen up to a 1000 trout killed in the river Oona due to pollution.

"All too often we see rivers polluted without the people responsible being held to account and this is unacceptable.

"Angling is the world's most popular sport and many clubs invest in local rivers to maintain the sport yet all this work can be wiped out in one incident.

"The Environment Agency now needs to identify the source of the latest pollution and ascertain whether this spillage was accidental or deliberate and ensure that action is taken to avoid any further contamination of the river."