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Mc Guire urges farmers to be alert following sheep thefts in Aghyaran area

Published: 8 April, 2014

Derg Sinn Féin Councillor Kieran Mc Guire has urged all farmers to be vigilant following the theft of sheep from farms in the Aghyaran area over recent days.
He said,
"There has been a number of sheep & stolen in the Aghyaran area over recent days.
"On Saturday night outside Killeter 6 ewes were stolen between 9.30 at night & 6.30 the following morning from a farm in a country road just less than a mile from Killeter Village & on the Thursday the week before 9 were stolen rather brazenly by thieves from a farm across from the Blacktown Motors garage given there is a number of houses within the vicinity of the field it shows how far these low life criminals are prepared to go
"This is a very worrying development for the farming community, no farmer can afford these types of losses to their already stretched farm income. "We have read in media of cattle rustling going on in other parts of Tyrone and other border counties and this clearly points to the involvement of some form organised criminal gangs in at least some, if not most, of these cases.
"I would urge all farmers to be extra vigilant as this is an attack on rural communities so I would urge anyone with information to contact myself on 0797108246.