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Union flag erected to raise tensions on Saint Patrick's Day

Published: 25 March, 2014

Declan McAleer MLA and Councillor Marty McColgan have slammed the 'provocative' erecting of a large union flag outside the Community House on Drumragh Avenue in Omagh and called for it to be taken down immediately.

Councillor McColgan said,

"The union flag was erected in the early hours of Saint Patrick's Day in a deliberate attempt to raise tensions ahead of the massively successful and inclusive parade. Sinn Féin has been lobbied extensively by members of the public and community groups, complaining that it makes them feel uncomfortable in the shared space of the town centre."

Declan McAleer MLA said,

"The perpetrators were very calculated in the provocative erecting of this larger than usual union flag. As a member of the Assembly's DRD committee, I have tabled a priority question to Minister Kennedy calling for the immediate removal of this flag from DRD property."