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Request for Ballymongan Road closure postponement until after height of lambing season

Published: 24 March, 2014

Derg area Sinn Féin Councillor Kieran Mc Guire has been lobbying Road's Service to delay the scheduled closure to the Ballymongan Road to replace a culvert due to the severe disruption it would cause to local farmers at the height of the lambing season.

He said,

I have been contacted by local farmers deeply concerned about the pending scheduled closure of the Ballymongan Road to replace a culvert. Local farmers are concerned that this closure coincides with the height of the lambing season and if it were to go ahead as planned it would present them with major difficulties in terms of having to undertake major detours to get to the vet in event of emergencies and in attempting to get food supplies to outlying farms. Also some residents that live up the Ballymongan Road would have to put up with a great deal of disruption while the closure is in place.

I have therefore been lobbying Roads Service to postpone the planned works for at least another month. They have agreed to try to get the contractor to postpone it but if this cannot be accommodated they will ask the contractor to work longer hours to try and keep the disruption to a minimum.