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Welcome for DRD Roads Service attention to road safety concerns in Eskra

Published: 20 March, 2014

West Tyrone Sinn Féin Councillor Glen Campbell has welcomed confirmation that DRD Roads Service are exploring potential ways of improving road safety close to St. Patrick's Primary School on the Newtownsaville Road in Eskra.

It is understood DRD Roads Service are unlikely to install a permanent 30 miles per hour speed restriction, due to lack of houses in the immediate area.

However, Cllr Campbell, who is a member of the Board of Governors at St. Patrick's Primary School, says a temporary speed restriction along the road during busy times is an option being considered.

Speaking after contacting DRD Roads Service regarding the matter, Councillor Campbell said,

"I welcome news that Roads Service are investigating ways of improving road safety in Eskra. This is a very busy stretch of road, with the local school, Childcare centre, chapel and GAA ground all in close proximity".

According to Cllr Campbell, DRD Roads Service are considering running a pilot scheme, where a temporary speed restriction could be applied at certain times of the day.

Continuing, Cllr Campbell said,

"If this scheme goes ahead, St. Patrick's Primary School in Eskra should be a high priority as, unusually, it sits within a 60 miles per hour speed restricted area. Reducing the speed restriction to 30mph in the morning and early evening would address safety concerns, but at other times of the day and night motorists could drive at speeds up to 60mph without fear of prosecution."

"It would be important that both St. Patrick's Primary School and Eskra Childcare Centre are fully consulted to agree times when such a speed restriction should apply. Permanent digital signage would also need to be utilised to ensure motorists were clear when any new speed limit applies."

"Anything that can be done to improve road safety on the Newtownsaville Road is to be welcomed. I will continue to highlight the need for gritting along this road, as this is also a major cause of concern for local residents."