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Anti-Drugs Campaign welcomed

Published: 11 March, 2014

Mid Tyrone Sinn Féin Representative Barry McNally has welcomed the launch of a new hard-hitting advertising campaign aimed at tackling the scourge of drugs.

Mr McNally said,

"It is well known the impact that drugs have had on our communities so it is important that we tackle the problem in a way that isolates dealers and allows users to be treated and rehabilitated.

"This campaign is timely given the fact that many young people have died recently through suicide and their families have stated that drug abuse was a major factor in their deaths.

"We need to get the drug dealers off our streets and those bringing the drugs into Ireland in front of the courts. Hopefully this new advertising campaign will help that process.

"The main priority in any approach to tackling drugs must focus on early intervention and prevention. The communities and families at risk from drugs are easily identifiable and this is where resources must be targeted.

"This campaign is about combining the on-going work of the PSNI in removing these drugs with education programmes for our young people."