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Lower Student Bus Fares makes sense - Campbell

Published: 25 February, 2014

West Tyrone Sinn Féin Councillor, Glenn Campbell, is calling on Translink to reduce student bus fares.

According to Councillor Campbell, students fares need to be lowered and students also need to be more aware of the current Translink offers available, as the cost is having an impact on the numbers of students choosing public transport to school and college in Omagh.

"The price of bus fares is considerable for students travelling from rural parts of Tyrone into Omagh. I have spoken to students who have been paying £10 per day to get to and from their place of study."

Highlighting the concerns of students who have no option but to take the bus, Councillor Campbell said,

"The price of bus fares has a huge financial impact on those students, and others, who do not drive and have no option but to take the bus. I will be working with local MLA Declan McAleer to press Translink centrally for reductions on student fares. I have also contacted Translink locally to arrange a public information stall in Omagh College to inform students of the different travel offers currently available."

Councillor Campbell has said that more also needs to be done to entice those students with access to a car, to leave it at home and take the bus.

"Whilst I appreciate that many young drivers will opt to drive regardless, at the moment, the high cost of bus fares means that many see no incentive to leave the car at home. Some indeed feel it is cheaper to drive or share a lift to College."

Councillor Campbell said there were other advantages for students who would opt to take the bus.

"Recent research has highlighted that young people are spending more time on social media than ever before. Some are spending 4-5 hours per day online. This seems excessive - it may be better to put time aside in the morning and evening to go online. Perhaps taking the bus is a good opportunity to do this particularly with Wi-Fi now available on many buses."

Declan McAleer MLA said,

"I will work with Councillor Campbell to bring these issues to the Assembly. Anything that can be done to encourage more people to take the bus will also have a positive impact on lowering traffic congestion and parking in Omagh town."